Post-doc offer : « Synthesis and characterizations of electrode/electrolyte materials for all-solid-state batteries »

CRISMAT – Normandie Université, Caen, France
CDD 18 mois
Expected hire date : 01/02/2021
Salary: from 2500 to 3000 € /month, PhD in materials science or equivalent

The postdoctoral fellow will be integrated into the “Materials & Energy” group of CRISMAT in charge of the development of materials for the electrochemical storage of energy. (S)he will work under the supervision of V. Pralong within the framework of the ANR FlashBatt project whose objective is the development of solid state batteries by electrochemical flash sintering. The project consists of synthesizing and identifying materials that can undergo an electrochemical sintering treatment, characterizing both chemically and electrochemically these materials and preparing them on a large scale.

The post-doctoral fellow will be in charge of the synthesis, physico-chemical and electrochem-ical characterizations of cathode and electrolyte materials as well as the study of interfaces in the battery in collaboration with the other partners of FlashBatt.

Skills : PhD in Materials Science, specialization in the field of materials for energy storage will be a plus. The candidate is expected to have a sound knowledge in solid-state chemistry, soft chemistry synthesis and electrochemistry. Ability to work independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team, good organizational skills and fluency in English is required.

Context of the work : The project will be carried out mainly at CRISMAT where the postdoctoral fellow will have access to all the infrastructure as well as to the laboratory equipment for the synthesis, chemical, structural (by operando XRD) and electrochemical characterizations. The ANR FlashBatt project is a collaboration with academic laboratories with complementary skills to CRISMAT:LEPMI, SIMAP; and will require to work collaboratively as part of the team with these different entities.

Application : Submission of applications before December 15th, 2020. A CV including two ref-erences, a letter of recommendation and a cover letter specifying the candidate’s professional project must be submitted to Dr. Valerie Pralong: valerie.pralong (at)