Post-Doctorants ayant séjourné au laboratoire :


  • FAKIH Ali – 05/04/2022
  • CELLIER Julien – 30/04/2021
  • GUELOU Gabin – 31/10/2021
  • RIBET Alexis – 05/01/2021
  • NASR Maryline – 16/07/2021
  • MARTENDO Rath – 30/09/2021
  • AGUILAR MALDONADO Cintly  – 30/04/2022
  • CHEIKH Aimane – 14/02/2022
  • RAJ Hari – 31/03/2022
  • GARNAULT Tristan  – 15/12/2021
  • BOLETTA Juan Pablo –  31/01/2022
  • VENTRAPATI-Pavan Kumar – 06/10/2021


  • BOILEAU Alexis – 31/07/2020
  • VENTRAPATI Pavan Kumar – 06/10/2020
  • AGREBI Fatma – 04/08/2020
  • BOLLETTA Juan Pablo – 13/10/2020
  • EL MAGHRABI Heba – 31/12/2020
  • HASSAM Christopher – 31/03/2020


  • ACEVEDO SALAS Cesar Ulises – 12/04/2019
  • ANGER Emmanuel – 20/09/2019
  • BOUFAIDA Zakariya – 01/12/2019
  • BOILEAU Alexis – 07/02/2019
  • EL MENDILI Yassine – 30/08/2019
  • HAJLANE Abdelghani – 16/11/2019
  • MARIK Sourav – 31/12/2019
  • MITRA Sunanda – 04/08/2019
  • MOISY Florent – 08/02/2019
  • SOTTMANN Jonas – 31/07/2019
  • SOURIOU David – 31/12/2019
  • OBEID Hassan – 06/07/2019


  • BASU Tathamay – 31/03/2018
  • BOUFAIDA Zakariya – 31/12/2018
  • BOILEAU Alexis – 07/02/2018
  • MARIK Sourav – 31/12/2018
  • MORDVINOVA Natalia – 30/06/2018
  • VENTRAPATI Pavan Kumar – 20/09/2018


  • BEN ELBAHRI Marwa – 31/12/2017
  • DIMAKOS Athanasios – 14/05/2017
  • FREIRE Melanie – 31/08/2017
  • GONCALVES DA SILVA Cosmelina – 27/12/2017
  • LEPREVOST Alexandre – 31/08/2017
  • PUCCI Monica Francesca – 04/12/2017
  • RENAUT Nicolas – 30/04/2017
  • TERASAKI Ichiro – 31/01/2017
  • VENTRAPATI Pavan Kumar – 31/03/2017
  • LAINE Fabien – 30/09/2017


  • CESARIO Moises – 31/08/2016
  • GONCALVES DA SILVA Cosmelina – 31/08/2016
  • BARBIER Tristan – 31/08/2016
  • KAHOULI Abdelkader – 30/09/2016
  • RAMEZANI DANA Hossein – 30/06/2016
  • MOUSSA Chantal – 31/12/2016
  • RAUSCH Elisabeth – 31/07/2016
  • SCHAFER Marion – 03/04/2016
  • TERASAKI Ichiro – 14/07/2016


  • GONCALVES DA SILVA Cosmelina – 31/08/2015
  • HORVATH Barbara – 30/06/2015


Doctorants du CRISMAT ayant soutenu leur thèse . Le master d’origine, l’encadrant et la date de soutenance sont indiqués.


  • LEROUX Chris (U CAEN – D. Pelloquin – 20/01/2023)
  • CHIAVAZZA Thomas (U CAEN – E. Hug – 05/07/2023)
  • EL KHALOUFI Oualyd (U Limoges – U. Lüders – 20/10/2023)
  • LE CLOAREC Joseph (ENSICAEN – S. Marinel – 21/11/2023)
  • MAJI Krishnendu (IIT Madras – E. Guilmeau – 16/11/2023)
  • MAESTRACCI Barbara (U Orléans – D. Chateigner – 26/10/2023)
  • LETHEUX Geoffrey (U Rouen – JM Rueff – 10/11/2023)
  • KEENARI Mufeed (IIT Madras – A. David – 09/11/2023)
  • CARRASCO ALVAREZ Alvaro Adrian (U Madrid – W. Prellier – 18/12/2023)
  • EL RAMI Marie (U Liban – A. Fouchet – 28/11/2023)


  • MANGUELE Jacques Junior (U Orléans – G. Poullain-24/03/2022)
  • HAMANE Radia (V. Hardy – 23/02/2022)
  • BOUTEILLER Hugo (ENS Rennes – F. Gascoin – 20/09/2022)
  • BERTRAND Adam (F. Gascoin – 14/12/2022)
  • XING Yiteng (U CAEN – J. Noudem – 28/07/2022)
  • BOUASRIA Manal (U Lyon 1 – V. Pralong – 26/09/2022)
  • GRIPPI Thomas (INSA Toulouse – S. Marinel – 04/11/2022)


  • DORENLOR Julie (U CAEN – E.Hug-25/01/2021)
  • HOEZ Antoine (U CAEN – E. Hug et L. Le Pluart – 15/03/2021)
  • ROUGIER Valentin (U Nice – J.Breard-18/01/2021)
  • LOUVEL Sylvain (U Toulouse – M. Gomina-16/06/2021)
  • UPADHYAY Mudit (IIT Madras – U. Lüders – 19/03/2021)
  • DALLOCHIO Marie (U CAEN – A. Fouchet – 15/12/2021)
  • LELIEVRE Maxime (U CAEN – E. Hug et C. Keller – 10/12/2021)
  • NEVEU Audric (U CAEN – V. Pralong – 09/12/2021)
  • KERBART Gabriel (U CAEN – S. Marinel – 14/12/2021)
  • MOHAMAD Abdelrahman (INSA Toulouse – D. Chateigner – 09/11/2021)
  • GEORGES Marine (U CAEN – D. Chateigner – 22/11/2021)


  • BEAUBRAS Félicien (U CAEN – J.M.Rueff-20/11/2020)
  • PODCHEZERTSEV Stanislas (U Russie – N.Barrier-17/12/2020)
  • SAKLY Nahed (U Bordeaux – V.Hardy-24/11/2020)
  • CHEIKH Aimane (U CAEN – N. Barrier – 28/09/2020)
  • HAIK DUNN Isaac (U Cordoba – A. Maignan – 16/12/2020)


  • PHOTOPOULOS Raphael (U CAEN – R.Fresard-27/09/2019)
  • GARCIA DE LA CRUZ Lucia (U CAEN – E.Hug-14/10/2019)
  • MARTIN Pauline (INSA ROUEN – E.Hug-14/11/2019)
  • KHOKHLOVA Mariya (U Montpellier – W.Prellier-04/12/2019)
  • PARADIS FORTIN Laura (Univ. Sherbrooke – E.Guilmeau-16/12/2019)
  • KUMAR Deepak (IIT Madras – W.Prellier-19/12/2019)
  • RIQUET Guillaume (U Caen – S.Marinel-19/12/2019)


  • DUPONT Louis (U Lille 1 – P.Bernstein-13/02/2018)
  • ROUCH Matthias (COMUE BRETAGNE – M.Gomina-19/04/2018)
  • ADAMCZYK Evan (U CAEN – V.Pralong-26/11/2018)
  • ALAOUI Ismail (FST de FES – P.Descamps-07/05/2018)
  • MATSUBARU Nami (U Montpellier – C.Martin-28/09/2018)
  • PAWULA Florent (U Tours – S.Hebert-08/10/2018)
  • MONNIER Laurine (U CAEN – D.Pelloquin-09/10/2018)
  • HAMZE Kassem (U Liban – P.Descamps-06/11/2018)
  • BLOYET  Clarisse (U CAEN – J.M.Rueff-16/11/2018)
  • PICOT Florent (U CAEN – E.Hug-03/12/2018)
  • LABEGORRE Jean-Baptiste (U Paris 6 – E.Guilmeau-18/12/2018)


  • MOLINARI Flora (U Bordeaux – A.Maignan-17/07/2017)
  • DUTTO Mathieu (U Caen – S.Marinel-14/09/2017)
  • GONANO Bruno (U CAEN – Y.Breard-14/09/2017)
  • LEFEVRE Robin (U CAEN – F.Gascoin-29/09/2017)
  • MACAIGNE Rodolphe (U CAEN – S.Marinel-21/11/2017)
  • BOURGES Cédric (U Caen – E.Guilmeau-30/11/2017)
  • DUVERGER-NEDELLEC Elen (Bordeaux INP – O.Perez-01/12/2017)
  • PAGE Jonathan (U CLERMONT 1- M.Gomina-11/12/2017)
  • MAIER Stefan (U Munich – F.Gascoin-12/12/2017)
  • LAHBIB Insaf (U Caen – P.Martin -13/12/2017)
  • GACIM Fadoua (ENSEEIHT – P.Descamps-16/12/2017)
  • LAIBI Babatounde (univ. UAC Bénin – M.Gomina-21/12/2017)


  • GALMICHE Marion (U Paris 7 – J.M.Rueff-15/01/2016)
  • LAINE Fabien (U Bordeaux – A.Guesdon-01/07/2016)
  • MENUT Denis (U Paris 11 – M.Morales-04/07/2016)
  • GILMAS Margaux (U Caen – E.Hug-20/07/2016)
  • BEN ELBAHRI Marwa (U Maine – U.Lüders-29/09/2016)
  • MYANA Santoshkumar (iiT Hyderabad (Inde) – W.Prellier-10/10/2016)
  • STECIUK Gwladys (U CAEN – P.Boullay-20/10/2016)
  • NGUYEN Anh Phuong (INSA LYON – U.Lüders-16/11/2016)
  • EL HANBALI Sara (U DIJON – O.Perez-17/11/2016)
  • FREIRE Melanie (U Paris 6 – V.Pralong-09/12/2016)
  • FLEURIER Gwendoline (U CAEN – E.Hug-14/12/2016)


  • PAREIN Thibault (U Caen – R.Retoux-03/04/2015)
  • DINH Thanh Vinh (U GRENOBLE 1 – P.Descamps-12/06/2015)
  • BARBULEE Antoine (U CAEN – M.Gomina-03/07/2015)
  • POUPON Morgane (U CAEN – N.Barrier-09/10/2015)
  • DELACOTTE Charlène (U CAEN – D.Pelloquin-13/10/2015)

2015 (suite)

  • LACOTTE Morgane (U CAEN – W.Prellier-09/11/2015)
  • MORE CHEVALIER Joris (U CAEN – G.Poullain-19/11/2015)
  • TRUONG Dao Y Nhi (U Grenoble – F.Gascoin-23/11/2015)
  • CABY Bérenger (U Greboble – M.Morales-09/12/2015)
  • CHORON  Damien (U Strasbourg – S.Marinel-16/12/2015)

Quelques témoignages

Robin Lefevre

Robin Lefevre (PhD in Materials science 2017) is currently in his second post-doc in Switzerland within Fabian von Rohr’s group. He previously spent a year in Denmark for a first postd-doc (Aarhus – Bo B Iversen) and some months in Australia. He studies different class of materials showing quantum properties. His main focus is to find compounds that show peculiar magnetic properties such as frustrated magnetism. He recently obtained the selective Forschungkredit grant allowing him to perform his research for an additional year.
All this work has been made possible after three years of PhD at the CRISMAT lab, under the supervision of Franck Gascoin, where he mastered the art of crystallography and resolving crystals structures from different techniques – including X-Ray, electron and neutron diffraction. On top of that, he surely managed to develop his knowledge on thermoelectric properties and magnetism.


Dr Clara GRYGIEL graduated in 2008 her PhD in Material Science from the Université de Caen Normandie at CRISMAT lab working on a multiscale study of the metal-insulator transition in vanadium oxide thin films. Using combination of versatile equipment spanning from the synthesis of high quality oxide films, transport properties on microbridges to high resolution X-Ray diffraction, she drawn a nice study clustering many areas of material science. Moreover I have developed skills which have been great benefits for other positions. After my PhD at CRISMAT, I moved during almost two years as post-doctoral research associate in ITN SOPRANO Network working on complex oxide thin films as mixed conductors. Back to France, I was hired in 2010 as CEA researcher at CIMAP lab in Caen working on the material behaviour under ion irradiation, specifically under dense electronic excitations, being also local contact on the international GANIL facility and scientific coordinator for a beamline dedicated to interdisciplinary physics.

Dr Florent PAWULA

I got my PhD in Physics at Université de Caen Normandie at CRISMAT lab focusing on the ruthenium oxides peculiar properties probed by Seebeck effect. Thanks to CRISMAT’s excellent environment, staff and techniques, I used solid state chemistry, crystallography and magneto-transport characterizations to study the ruthenates peculiarities. I also got the opportunity to spend 2 months at National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan, to study oxides and some sulfides single crystals. Being full of Normand’s cheese and cider, i.e. after graduating in 2018, I chose red wine and canelé and moved to Université de Bordeaux as a postdoc fellow at Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques for 2 years to study the thermoelectric properties of polymers and hybrid perovskites. I am now looking forward to continue my research in Japan and enjoy again tonkatsu and sake.

Pravin S. Walke

Pravin S. Walke received PhD degree in Physics from University of Naples, Federico-II, Italy in the field of Nano-SQUIDs device for High Sensitive Nanoscale Applications in 2010. He has awarded prestigious Marie-Curie Experience Researcher (SOPRANO-Postdoctoral fellow) at Laboratory of Crystallography and Science of Materials, CNRS-CRISMAT, Caen, France in 2011. Also he has awarded a Raman postdoctoral fellowship from University Grant Commission (UGC), Government of India in 2015 to pursue research work at University of California, Berkeley, USA. He has joined as Assistant Professor at National Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, University of Mumbai. Mumbai, India since 2013. He is recipient of various research grants; he received a young scientist research scheme grant for his research from Science and Engineering Research Board, SERB-DST- Gov. of India. He has honored a reviewer recognition award by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Department of Atomic Energy, Gov. of India. Now he is actively engaged in the research of design and fabrication of functional nanostructured materials, thin films and heterostructures for energy devices, nanoelectronics and biomedical applications.

Prof. Ranjith Ramadurai

Completed PhD in 2007 from Materials Research Center, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, in the field of ferroelectric thin films and superlattices. Later moved to CRISMAT and worked for 30 months as a post-doctoral researcher under MaCoMuFi, an EU project. I consider my stay in the Laboratoire de CRISMAT as the most fruitful stay in terms of scientific involvement and outcome. The lab environment was vibrant and lab members were very supportive and welcoming to international members. I had the freedom of hypothesizing and experimenting new ideas. I also fondly remember the scientific and non-scientific interactions I had with the lab members. Even today I cherish my intense scientific involvement during the stay at CRISMAT and the lab has played a major role in shaping my research career. The scientists and lab members have been supportive even today by extending collaborative efforts.”Later, received the Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship and worked for two years in Leibniz university of hannover. In late 2011 joined as an assistant Professor in the department of “materials science and metallurgical engineering” at IIT Hyderabad, India. Received the excellence in teaching award from IITH for 2012. Received young scientist research projects from Department of Science and Technology and Department of Atomic Energy, India in the years 2013 and 2014 respectively. In 2016 received the “MRSI-medal” for young materials researchers from MRSI, India. Current research interests are multiferroics, strain engineering in multifunctional oxide thin films and devices. Flexible, hybrid and lead free piezoelectric based energy harvesters and sensors.

Stefan Maier

Stefan Maier (PhD 2017) studied for his PhD the chemistry and physical properties of normal valence and hypervalent polar chalcogenides at the CRISMAT laboratory. After graduating in 2018 he joined the group of Prof. Wuttig at the RWTH Aachen University as a postdoc, where he is currently working on metavalent materials. In 2020 he founded the initiative COVID VOICES.

Prof. Subhash Thota

After completing his Ph.D. in the area of ‘Materials Science’ from IIT Kanpur, he joined Laboratory CRISMAT as Postdoc where he worked with Dr. Wilfrid Prellier in the field of Growth and Characterization of ‘2D Thin Films/Superlattices of Transition Metal Oxides’ for On-Chip cooling applications. After spending two years at CRISMAT, Dr. Thota joined the Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati as a permanent faculty member. His current research is focused in the field of Strongly Correlated Systems, 2D Nanostructured Magnetic Materials in the form of Superlattices/ Nanoparticles / Quantum Dots, High-k dielectrics and Relaxor-ferroelectrics.

Dr. Vengadesh Kumara Mangalam RAMAKRISHNAN

Dr. Vengadesh Kumara Mangalam RAMAKRISHNAN was a postdoctoral researcher between 2009 and 2011. I completed my PhD, under Prof. A. Sundaresan, at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India.  In Laboratoire CRISMAT, I worked with Dr. Wilfrid PRELLIER. Later, I worked with Prof. Lane W Martin (currently in University of California, Berkeley) as Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. In Laboratoire CRISMAT, my research was focused on tuning film properties through epitaxial strain and by fabricating heterostructure. In UIUC, my research was mainly focused on finding high performance ferroelectric materials for thermal applications and the routes to enhance their properties. Currently, I am working as Assistant Professor at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur (near Chennai), India.  My work focuses on ferroelectric and heterogeneous catalytic materials, and I am a recipient of Early Career Research Award (2018) from DST-SERB, India.

Antonello Tebano

Antonello Tebano since 2015 is Associate Professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. His research since 1991 is devoted to study physical phenomena occurring at the surfaces and interfaces of oxide heterostructures and superlattice in order to realize novel materials with interesting properties.
He graduated in Physics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (1989). Initially (1991-95) he worked on the synthesis and characterization of diamond and diamond-like films and obtained a PhD from the university of Rome “Tor Vergata” (“Pulsed laser deposition and laser machining of diamond-like carbon films“).  His research was then accomplished (1995-96), with a EU fellowship, at the CRISMAT lab. for the implementation, by PLD, and for the study of a new family of superconductors (oxycarbonates) in the very stimulating and friendly environment of the “Couches minces”. Thanks to the french experience his research continued at the Rome University, contributing to the development in Italy of the PLD, and of its evolution with the in-situ RHEED diagnostics.

Dr. Etienne Savary

Dr. Etienne Savary (PhD 2011) studied for his PhD the microwave synthesis of ceramics at the CRISMAT laboratory under the supervision of Prof. S. Marinel. After a postdoc at Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, he joined the University of Valenciennes as Associate Professor. He is currently working for the SAIREM company which is developing new processing solutions for industry and innovating for its customers with high technology microwave & RF generators and high performance industrial machines.

Dr. Olivier Copie

Dr. Olivier Copie received his Ph.D. in 2009 from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (now Sorbonne Université) after a thesis on oxide interfaces and strontium titanate based spintronics under the supervision of Prof. A. Barthélémy at CNRS/Thales. As a post-doc researcher he worked (collaboration with CSNSM/Paris-Saclay) on the two-dimensional electron gas at the surface of strontium titanate at Julius-Maximimilians Universität in Würzburg (Germany). In 2012, he worked for two years on the structural and magnetic properties of rare earth vanadate thin films and superlattices in Dr. W. Prellier’s group at the CRISMAT laboratory. He also psent some time at SPMS laboratory (CentraleSupelec/Paris-Saclay). In 2014, he then joined Nick Barrett’s group at CEA/SPEC and worked on the electronic and chemical structure of ferroelectric oxides. In 2015, he became a CNRS Research Scientist and joined Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy. His main research interest is the exploration of structure/property relationships of functional perovskite oxides for electronics. He continues to collaborate closely with the CRISMAT laboratory.