13th Workshop on Combined Analysis Using Ray Scattering – July 3rd – 7th, 2023 – Caen (France)

This international school covers many aspects of the “Combined Analysis” methodology using x-Ray, neutron and electron scattering, and X-ray fluorescence applied to material science. Fundamental to technical aspects relevant to industrial and academic applications are targeted.

The combined analysis method is developed for more than 20 years. Ground on the whole pattern fitting using the Rietveld method, it incorporates texture, microstructure, phase, layering, residual stress analyses, together with x-ray reflectivity and fluorescence and electron diffraction.

The aim is to give students, academic and non-academic researchers the necessary tools to be able to characterize their own samples using the Combined Analysis method and the software MAUD. The characterization involves obtaining information on the structure, microstructure, phase and elemental content, texture, stress in different kind of samples and structures including : thin films, bulk materials, anisotropic materials, polyphased materials, nano-materials, etc.

The objective is to bring together participants from various fields and to provide an opportunity to discuss individual interests and experience.